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Dear Member,

The new safe and reliable provides freedom for buyers and sellers of marijuana and hashish.

Recreational users do not have to look any further, sufficient suppliers in the forum. There is even a section with verified members and a VIP section.

For clarity, we as are not responsible for what happens on the forum and trades!
If you as choose to ride marijuana across the border, you always have the risk of being intercepted and thereby condemned to a prison sentence.
Be aware of the risks when you run weed over the border. Every member of the team cannot be held responsible for that in any way.

The intention behind is to let users in the safest possible manner (rippers, cut up marijuana) be able to make their purchases.

* A number of other important rules:

- No hard drugs, you still try to put hard drugs ads you will be permanently blocked from the forum!
- No sale of drugs to minors, the minimum age for purchasing marijuana and hashish is 18 years because of your health!
- No spam, if you're annoyingly present at the forum, in whatever way you risk a ban!
- Administrators, moderators and team remain the final boss, everything we do has a reason, so if you are not satisfied with something you can always do complain via the contact form!
- No name-calling, racist remarks, etc, also for this risk a ban!
- No duplicate email addresses or usernames,both get banned!
-If you have a sales thread you are required to put a picture of your offer with name and date in your thread.

- Finally: Have respect for each other and together we can build something beautiful!


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